Turnkey PV System Provider

Certified grid‐connected PV system designer and installer providing solutions for residential buildings, large scale ground/roof mounted PV systems (solar farms). Experienced in both On‐Grid and Off‐Grid PV applications.

Only The Best PV Equipments

Established relationships with major PV equipment manufacturers means faster lead times, competitive pricing, extendable warranty period, local support and service center.

Familiar with Government Protocols

Familiar with government protocols and domestic coordination with distribution licensee. Actively involved with FiT mechanism since 2011 and have continuously collaborated with government authorities in streamlining processes.


Frequently asked questions

Green Technology Financing

The Green Technology Financing Scheme exists to help incorporating green technology elements in specific project related to the identified sectors. These projects must be located within Malaysia, utilizing local and imported technology. As a sign of commitment, the Government will bear 2% of the total interest/profit rate. In addition, the Government will provide a guarantee […]

Incentives & Allowances

The incentive for individuals to install renewable energy installations lie in the feed-in tariff rate. The Government has been very supportive of renewable energy by providing fiscal incentives in yearly budgets. Fiscal incentives are available for companies and third party exemptions on equipment (e.g. solar PV and solar heating) are given to distributors or importers. […]

Support From TNB

TNB is supportive of the Government’s initiative. Distribution licensees like TNB are also legally bound under the Renewable Energy Act 2011 to not only purchase renewable energy but also prioritise such purchases over electricity generated using non-renewable resources. Failure to purchase will result in penalties levied on the distribution licensee. Sourced from SEDA Malaysia

Why Choose FiT?

Malaysia has chosen the FiT System because the feed-in tariffs introduced in other countries have proven to be effective and efficient in developing new markets for renewable energy. The concept of feed-in tariffs is simple and has low administrative costs making it a highly effective tool for boosting renewable energy. As an example, Germany is […]

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