Solar Farms & Isolated Grids

Solar Farms
Solar farms, or solar parks, are the large-scale application of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations used to generate electricity. They often cover large areas of land and are usually developed in rural locations. Solar farms benefit not only landowners and investors but the wider community as well.

Pensolar provides advisory services, rigorous planning and guidance through the approval process of setting up a solar farm. We take into account the suitability of the site, any potential impact on the locality and relevant renewable energy targets.

Isolated Grids
Solar PV is a cost-effective power source that can operate alongside a public grid or a standby generator. There are various segments such as agricultural businesses, mining companies and remote communities who are dependent on diesel for energy and solar PV provides a reliable alternative.

At Pensolar, we can create a solar PV system that works for you – either stand-alone or paired with another form of power generation.

What we offer
Turnkey PV systems
Our end-to-end service runs from design and engineering right through to installation and monitoring.

Starting with a feasibility study and a detailed site planning appraisal, we take care of scheme design, preparing and submitting the planning application.

Led by highly experienced project managers, we offer a full range of performance-guaranteed solar technologies, thanks to our many world-class suppliers.

Operation & maintenance
We also offer a full operation and maintenance programme. All system inspections are done regularly and done by certified technicians to ensure that the system’s performance is optimised and downtimes are minimised.