Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Integrator

In summary, Pensolar provides end-to-end turnkey solar PV systems which can be tailored to fit any customer demands. Our services include retrofit installation on existing residential, commercial or industrial facility rooftops, design and installation of solar PV systems for new buildings, design and installation of large scale ground-mounted PV systems (solar farm) and options of grid-connected or off-grid solar PV systems.

GCPV System Breakdown


Rooftop Installation Solutions

. For Retrofit solutions, PV arrays can be installed on Tiled roofs, Metal Deck roofs and RC Flat roofs.
. All penetration points (if any) will be sealed with weather]proof solutions.
. For BIPV solutions, PV arrays are used as the roofing material.
. Rooftop installations are suitable for ALL module types (e.g. Crystalline, Thin Film, Flexible TF etc.).
. Customizable tilt angle to best accommodate site geographical latitude
. Minimum system capacity = 1 kWp; Maximum system capacity = N/A

Highlight: BIPV (Building Integrated PV) Solution

Key Note:
PV Modules must be used as the roofing material in order to qualify for the designated Bonus
FiT Criterion b(ii) – “Use as building material”