Solar PV Solutions for Homes & Residences

Solar panels are increasingly becoming a popular financial investment for home owners due to it’s simplicity and high returns on investment. To get homeowners started, we provide the information that you will need and guide you through the implementation and benefits that you can obtain from adopting solar PV solutions for your homes.

Implementing solar PV solutions in your homes
On an existing roof which is in a good condition, solar implementation is easy. And if you’re re-roofing, you can really maximise its power potential. We provide the most energy-efficient solution that blends seamlessly with your home so that the recouping of the cost can begin immediately.

Why Pensolar?
With more than 10 years of experience in solar PV systems and different PV technologies, Pensolar produces world class end-to-end turnkey solutions which can fit perfectly to any customer requirements.

  • More than 10 years of experience in PV system design and installation.
  • Experienced with using different PV technologies (Crystalline, Thin Film).
  • Competent mechanical design centre located in Germany.
  • Test laboratories and certification centre in Germany (TUV, ISO, Environmental Test Centre).
  • Experienced in construction business and static calculations.
  • Established relationships with major PV equipment manufacturers (PV modules, inverters, etc).